Foreigners Can Now Obtain UAE Citizenship.  

The UAE on Saturday announced a law that would grant the Emirati Citizenship to foreigners.

The aim is to attract tourists and retain exceptional talents and their families in the country.

The new law can be seen as an adaption to the many recent residency reforms the country has introduced in the last few years, including the “Long Term Golden Visas” for investors, “Retirement Visas”, and more recently the ability for students to sponsor their parents.

Dubai is not the first to grant citizenship to foreigners who make a significant investment to their country, St Kitts & Nevis was one of the first citizenship by investment programmes available in the world, established in 1984. Since then, we have seen a string of countries following suit, (Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Turkey, and more.) Each of these programmes have their own laws outlining who is eligible and at what cost.

The new UAE regulations are still being rolled out and our advisors are working on obtaining all the relevant information to guide our investors further.Read on

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